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Say Goodbye to Your Dental Stains

Don’t let discolorations and stains ruin your smile!teeth whitening

It’s amazing how the foods and drinks you consume every day can take a toll on the color of your smile. Before you know it, your smile went from dazzling and radiant to dull and lifeless. Find out how our Wauwatosa, WI, cosmetic dentist, Dr. William Stathas, can brighten your smile quickly.

There is a reason professional teeth whitening has become so popular. While you could opt for those at-home bleaching kits, they only offer a fraction of the active ingredient you need to get a whiter smile. Since our Wauwatosa, WI, dentist monitors your teeth throughout your whitening treatment, we are able to use a significantly stronger dose so that you get much faster results in just one whitening session. Plus, this is the safest way to get a whiter smile, so you can always trust in a safe and reliable treatment when you walk through our doors.

Do you have tooth sensitivity? If so, you may think you aren’t right for treatment. When you come in for your cosmetic consultation, we will determine whether your teeth and gums are right for professional teeth whitening. With thicker bleaching gels, which the teeth don’t absorb as quickly, we can monitor your sensitivity and reduce your chances of discomfort throughout your whitening session. We can also recommend certain at-home products to use prior to your treatment to combat sensitivity.

While in-office teeth whitening can provide amazing results for someone dealing with stains caused by certain foods and drinks, this treatment isn’t right for everyone. Those dealing with internal stains caused by trauma to a tooth or taking certain medications won’t respond to whitening treatment as effectively. In these cases, other dental procedures may be a better option for covering these discolorations.

If you want to get professional teeth whitening in Wauwatosa, WI, then you’ve come to the right place. We would be more than happy to help you get a brilliant smile in no time. Schedule your consultation today.

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