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The Importance Of Preventive Care Visits

It's perfectly understandable to be a degree of apprehension about dental work, especially if what comes to mind are the types of involved procedures your doctor may have had to resort to in a previous visit. But the important thing to remember is that you will not be going in for a root canal every time you see your doctor. In fact, regular visits will help prevent complications in the first place. So reach out to your Wauwatosa, WI, dentist Dr. William Stathas to learn more.


Part of preventive care visits, and of dental health in general, is good hygiene.

Good cleaning habits begin at home, and during your visit, it's the best time to ask your dentist about what you've been doing right and what might need improvement.

Plaque is the sticky stuff that clings to our teeth daily and it is why daily we must brush and floss. But professional dental cleanings are just as important as all the hard work you do at home since it can be difficult for us to remove every bit of plaque. This is especially true if you have difficulty flossing because of teeth that are too closed together, for example. But plaque builds nonetheless and can harden into tartar, thanks to the minerals in our saliva, which makes it all the more difficult to remove.


During your visit, your doctor will also examine your mouth for signs of problems, and of possible problems to come. Wait too long in between these consultations and you may be missing out on early warning signs. Pain is only a sign that something is already wrong. So the best course of action is often prevention.

Routine treatments now can often keep you from undergoing far more invasive ones in the future.

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